Who is A to Z Realty?

Our mission is simple: do real estate right from start to finish.

We’re honest, down-to-earth people. We know selling or buying a home is stressful, time-consuming and emotional. Our awareness of this sensitivity coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry allows us to deliver on multiple fronts for our clients.

We’re the type of people that’ll fight for a fair price, while also being the shoulder to cry on when you decide to sell your lifelong home. We’re just that awesome!

We love to teach others the realities of real estate. Whether selling, buying or representing a home, we firmly believe everyone should understand¬†the process. And after thousands of closings from a legal perspective, we can honestly say that we’ve seen it all.

When you work with us, just know that we’ll be there for you from your initial decision to the closing table. We’ll hold your hand each step of the way, and yes, we wash our hands regularly.


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Founder, Real Estate Broker and Paralegal

Osi Korn-Rosenberg

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Real Estate Sales Agent

Margaux Vanderheijden

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Real Estate Agent

Susan Rosenberg

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Real Estate Agent

Olga Trapanese

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