Backend support like you’ve never experienced

A to Z Realty offers flexibility, support, and education for its agents. A to Z Realty is a truly unique brokerage that is run by Real Estate Paralegals with in-depth knowledge of all the facets of closing a property. The key to any successful real estate transaction is understanding all the twists and turns and being prepared and able to steer your client through to reach the closing table. Regardless of your experience level, having A to Z Realty at your side will add a sense of commitment and security for your clients.

Helping you grow your business

At A to Z Realty we strive to enhance your Real Estate Career by offering and encouraging educational opportunities, providing leads for listings of expired and pre-foreclosure potentials, keeping and maintain a growing preferred vendor list, providing access to Real Estate Attorneys to assist you with your legal questions, and providing guidance and assistance as you need it.

We offer you flexibility, support, and the freedom to grow your career as you see fit in your own time.

Committed to you

A to Z Realty, LLC pledges to always treat its agents fairly and honestly. There are no hidden fees or costs per transaction. There is no required floor time and no minimum demand for prospecting. Our offices offer online document management system for easy sharing, color printing, faxing, desk space, and wifi connectivity for your laptop and two conference rooms. Regardless of your experience level, having A to Z Realty at your side will add a sense of commitment and security for your clients.

Call us today for the Principles and Practices (60-hour required licensing course) sponsorship program.


Interested in becoming an agent?

To Be An Agent With Us, You Need…

  • 60 Hour Real Estate Principles and Practices Course
  • State Test (PSI)
  • National Test (PSI)
  • Sponsoring Broker
  • Relationship building skills and the ability to be a people person
  • Ability to see potential in properties
  • Willingness and ability to listen and talk to potential clients
  • A detail-oriented workflow
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management skills

What is the Commission Split?

Commission splits are fair and commensurate with experience. There is no commission split penalty based on sales volume.

Do We Charge Fees Yearly or by Transaction?

There are no fees with A to Z Realty! The commission split is the only fee involved with being a salesperson with A to Z, LLC.

Do We Require Floor Time?

No there is no floor time or desk time required at A to Z, LLC.

At no cost to our agents, we offer desk space, a conference room, color printing and faxing capability.

Do We Have a Good Web Presence?

We welcome you search for us online and visit our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. We are constantly working to increase our SEO presence. We consistently post educational and informative blogs and welcome your contribution to this effort. Each agent is featured on our website.

Do We Have Educational Opportunities?

A to Z Realty works closely with the Greater Bridgeport Board of Realtors to educate agents and brokers on both the current market and real estate topics. If there is a topic your would like to learn more about, we can assist you in finding the class or lunch and learn for you. Furthermore, we work closely with real estate attorneys excel at explaining and educating anyone interested in learning more about a topic.

Do We Offer Leads?

We offer leads with phone numbers to our agents. We are also always searching for new avenues of lead generation.

What is Our Reputation?

A to Z is up and coming in the industry. Our high standards and quality control have built a strong and solid reputation in our area.

How Will We Support You in Your Deals?

A to Z is run by real estate paralegals with thousands of closings under their belt over a 10 plus year career. Whether you are a new agent who needs training from the ground or a 20-year veteran of real estate, we can offer the necessary support and guidance. We also work closely with attorneys that are able and willing to assist with any real estate questions or situations.

Will A to Z Post Your MLS Listings?

Yes! A to Z Broker, Osi Rosenberg, will post all MLS listings to the appropriate and/or all requested MLS services.

Do You Need to be Part of a Specific Board of Agents?

We require that all salespeople be a member of a board of realtors of your choice. It is also required for all A to Z Agents to be members of the National Association of Realtors.

Who Will Put Up Your Signs for Your Listings?

A to Z Realty will arrange for signs to be placed on the properties listed according to the listing agreement. Agents can choose to attach personal signs to the bottom of the A to Z For Sale signs…in fact, we encourage it!

What is the Sponsorship Program for New Realtors?

A to Z Realty offers sponsorship for the 60 hour class to people interested in a real estate career. All you need is a commitment to sign with the brokerage for a specific time period. Call to discuss your situation.