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The Right Moving Boxes and 7 Packing Tips

A to Z Realty - The Right Moving Boxes and 7 Packing Tips

The Right Moving Boxes and 7 Packing Tips

by Osi Rosenberg

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Getting the Right Boxes

The nitty gritty of moving your home. It seemingly can’t be avoided. Whether you move across the country or down the block, the right boxes will help you get through this stressful time as efficiently as possible.

Sources of where to get your supplies can vary. You could pay for specific-sized moving boxes from multiple sources, but that can get costly in a hurry.

A to Z Realty - Free Moving Boxes

You can never have enough boxes

Did you know that free boxes are everywhere?

  • Liquor store boxes are free and perfect for your books and heavy items.
  • Grocery stores have various box sizes. From the canned food box which is strong and smaller to the produce box that is large with holes, all of them are useful in unexpected ways during a move.
  • Clothing stores, game stores, and really any store that carries products can be asked for their box inventory
  • Ask on freecycle and other online groups for moving boxes. People are always moving and a good sturdy moving box can make the rounds before it’s ready to retire

Don’t be shy about asking. Some stores have to pay to get their cardboard taken away, so they may even be happy if you take it for free!

Packing Tips

  1. Get twice as many boxes as you think you need. You can always dump what you don’t use, but if you run out, stress will mount. Be prepared because it will save time when you are getting closer to moving.
  2. Pack lightly. Never pack a box heavier than you can lift.
  3. The right size box for the objects is important.
  4. Mark each box with the room you want them to go in. Either write on it or use colored stickers. It makes unpacking much easier.
  5. Use clothes to cushion and wrap fragile items. Save on bubble wrap.
  6. Purge both while you are packing and while you are unpacking.
  7. Finally, take the stress out of packing by giving yourself plenty of time.


Happy packing! Your new home is waiting for you!

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